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Christian Hochmuth


NGP founder, Christian Hochmuth, has had a passion for sport performance since he was very young. In 2023, he graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a bachelor's degree in exercise science. Through his academic and professional experience, he has worked with individuals of all ages in both group and personal training. His knowledge of exercise modification is spread wide so that even the simplest functional movements can be trained and accomplished. 

NextGen Performance

     NextGen Performance takes a more personal and holistic approach to personal training. By following a client-centered model of instruction, the purpose of NGP is to improve the quality of life and well-being for all those who seek a healthier way of living. 

     Our founder, Christian Hochmuth, grew up playing a wide collection of sports - mainly basketball - and is well versed in the level of accountability and discipline that it takes to perform at the highest level possible both in competition and in the gym. The lessons learned from participating in team sports have lead Christian to build NGP with the same culture in mind. 

     Training alone takes a high level of determination, but as anyone could tell you, having a trainer to guide you every step of the way brings out that extra 10% of effort that we often never knew we had. Allow NGP to be that guide through your own fitness journey through individualized workouts and advice on nutrition. 


(305) 607-7544


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